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Blog / What Do Celebrities Think of the iRestore?
What Do Celebrities Think of the iRestore?
2 Min to Read
Jan 06, 2016
Hair Growth Devices
Lasers and LEDs

What Do Celebrities Think of the iRestore?

Futuristic? Funny-looking? High tech?

Watch the video above to find out what celebrities think of using a laser “space helmet” to grow hair!


We invited some of our favorite celebrities attending the Golden Globes to come try out our laser hair growth system as a part of our product launch party for the iRestore.

Check out their hilarious reactions!

“I’m going to recommend this to one of my co-stars on my TV show.” -Anthony Anderson

Thanks, Anthony! Let us know and we’ll send your co-star an iRestore on us. ?

If you’re wondering what this “laser helmet” is all about, click here to learn more about how iRestore works to regrow hair!

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