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Spread The Luck Giveaway
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Mar 01, 2018
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Spread The Luck Giveaway

Feeling the luck of the Irish? Test your luck for a chance to win our iRestore Hair Growth System and many other prizes! Keep scrolling down to learn more👇👇


March is known as one of the luckiest months of the year, but to increase your chances of winning, we’re giving away 42 prizes! We want to show our appreciation to the iRestore family and share the luck. Everyone has a chance of winning our FDA-cleared iRestore Laser Hair Growth System with a product bundle ($765 retail value). Let us help you regrow your hair back, as a part of our monthly giveaway! In addition to that, we will be giving away prizes every single day for the month of March! You heard right. Everyone who participates has a chance to win our brand new Hair Vitamin Gummies ($29.99 value) every day. These new gummies are packed with Biotin and Vitamins C & E, ingredients that have been shown to improve hair growth and strengthen skin and nails.


Getting started is easy. Choose any or all of the 16 ways to enter by checking off each green box below (the numbers represent how many entries you earn for taking that action).

Think of it like raffle tickets. The more entries you get the more likely you are to take home some amazing prizes! No purchase is required. Just scroll down to the box below and start earning entries now!

iRestore March Product Giveaway

👆The more green boxes you check off the more likely you are to win!👆

TOP PRIZE: iRestore Max Growth Kit ($765 value, 1 lucky winner)

SECOND PRIZE: Fast Growth Bundle ($89.99 value, 10 winners)

DAILY PRIZE: Hair Gummy Vitamins ($29.99 value, 31 winners)



There is no catch. As mentioned earlier, March is the month of luck, and we want to spread the luck and give back to our iRestore community. You don’t have to spend a single dime with us. Think of it as a chance to start the Spring off right. 🙌🏽 Simply scroll up to the box above and start checking off those green boxes to enter our giveaway for the iRestore!

Winners are announced daily and contacted via email! So make sure to keep an eye out for our email. Winners for the top prizes are announced at the end of the month.


Don’t know where to start? Click on the button below to join our contest now!

iRestore March Product Giveaway

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