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iRESTORE The Solution For Hair Growth

It's our goal to provide you with honest information, and thousands of success stories, about what makes iRESTORE stand out.

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5 Myths About Laser Hair Growth

Let's discuss some of the most common laser myths and hopefully put the rumors to rest with some education behind laser treatment.

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Professional vs. Essential: The Most Powerful Devices On The Market

What makes the iRESTORE Professional different from the Essential we’ll look at what each device offers, answer some frequently asked questions.

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We believe in safe & clean hair care that empowers you to look and feel your best without compromising your health.

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Lasers and LEDs: How They Work Better Together

Lasers and LEDs, we see and hear about them all the time. We throw these terms around but do we know what they are and what they are capable of, especially when it comes to hair regrowth, learn how iRESTORE uses the combination of both lasers and LEDs to create the ultimate hair growth device.

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iRESTORE Validated As A Viable Solution For Hair Growth [Modern Aesthetics Feature]

Our recent clinical study trials proved iRESTORE 100% effective in treating hair loss for all subjects. Check out our feature in the March/April 2018 issue of Modern Aesthetics, a leading source for expert advice on patient care and practice development for cosmetic surgeons.

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iRESTORE vs Hairmax vs Capillus vs iGrow – Best Laser Hair Growth Device Review

How do you know which laser device is right for you? David DiMuzio, a successful singer, YouTube creator, and a hair loss sufferer, provides an in-depth review on a variety of laser hair growth devices. Check out what he has to say about what worked best for him.

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Reach Your Hair Growth Goals

Find out if iRESTORE can help you reverse your hair loss and restore your confidence. Take the quiz now to get personalized recommendations.

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iRESTORE: Clinically Proven To Grow Hair

Dr. Adam Bodian, a board-certified laser surgeon and member of the American Academy of Dermatology, conducted the 16-week clinical study for the iRESTORE Laser Hair Growth System. Find out how the iRESTORE performed in the study.

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