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    Witnessing a hair miracle with iRESTORE! Bald areas no more in under 6 months. Recommending to all.

    Hannah W. | 37

    Bald Spots
  • Before

    In 2 months, noticed reduced shedding! Looking forward to more progress!

    Sean R. | 37

    Thinning Crown
  • Before

    Reduced hair fall after 7 months of usage, excited for more growth.

    Christine S. | 34

    Thinning at Temples
  • Before

    Worth every penny! Improved my receding hairline remarkably. Consistent usage is a genuine game-changer.

    Elias B. | 42

    Receding Hairline
  • Before

    Saved me during my Alopecia season in 3 months! I suffer from Alopecia and the stress of COVID caused a lot of fallout.

    Ayesha E. | 35

    Androgenic Alopecia
  • Before

    I thought my hairline was practicing social distancing. Now it's mingling, all thanks to the iRESTORE.

    Sammy M. | 41

    Receding Hairline
  • Before

    I have consistently used the device for 18 months, massive growth! As long as you are consistent, the results will come!

    Emma L. | 48

    Bald Spots
  • Before

    Happy for growth and happy that I've given it a try! Unbelievable results in 4 months! Impressed!

    Ted P. | 57

    Thinning Crown
  • Before

    Fuller hair in just 4 months with the iRESTORE! Can't wait for more progress!

    Kelly L. | 55

    Androgenic Alopecia
  • Before

    I thought there was nothing I could do about my hair. I was wrong. After just 3 months of usage, I am blown away!

    Bienvenido A. | 58

    Receding Hairline

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    Grow your own way.

    Backed by science and technology. Grow your own natural hair back with drug-free and non-invasive solutions tailored to your hair goals.

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    • Dr. Andrea Suarez, "Dr. Dray"

      Board-certified dermatologist

      Explains why the iRESTORE Elite is the most powerful device and why she recommends it to her patients

    • Dr. Adam Bodian

      Dermatologist, Board-Certified Laser Surgeon

      Reports on how 100% of device clinical study patients experienced hair growth

    • Dr. Eshini Perera

      Board-certified dermatologist

      Explains how low-level light therapy (LLLT) works to stimulate hair growth

    • Dr. Jay Feldman

      Osteopathic Doctor

      Explores the science behind low-level laser therapy and how it helps to regrow hair

    • Dr. Aanchal

      Board-certified dermatologist

      Explains how iRESTORE effectively treats hair loss caused by androgenic alopecia

    • Imane Belle

      Health and Beauty Expert

      Describes the scientific process involved in treating hair loss with iRESTORE light therapy

    • Dr. Adrian Larsen

      Laser Specialist

      Explains how low-level light therapy (LLLT) works to regrow hair – just like watering a plant!

      100% of study participants grew hair.

      All clinical study participants experienced some level of hair growth – with an average of 43.2% hair growth.*

      *In a 4-month double-blind clinical study performed by a board-certified dermatologist with 40 people, 100% of iRESTORE users saw improvement, with an average of 43.2% increase in hair count in 4 months.


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      You’re unique. So is your hair. Hair loss isn’t one-size-fits all. Get a personalized recommendation and discover which solution is most suitable for your specific symptoms and hair loss type.

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      Powered by nature,
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      We combined nature's finest ingredients and amplified it with modern technology to create an all-in-one system to grow your hair back.

      The result? A non-invasive, non-surgical, and drug-free solution without all the harmful side effects of popular products, such as finasteride & minoxidil.

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      • I’ve been using the pro model since end of November and look at all the new hair growing 🥺. I don’t use any serum or vitamins other than the device.

        Emese P. | 55 y.o.

      • Three months in and it is working great with other products and procedures I’m doing.

        Jason Y. | 50 y.o.

      • Started October. Been doing every other day for 3.5 months. Yes, I definitely see lots of new hair! I’m so thrilled 😁. I rarely even use the hair products either.

        Linda E. | 60 y.o.

      • I love this helmet. This took me about three to four months to see this growth!

        Kevin F. | 40 y.o.

      • At this point I can tell it does work really well for me! My husband noticed the change, my hair stylist says my hair is a lot denser! I am very happy with the results!

        Yuliya U. | 38 y.o.

      • It will be for 4 months tomorrow since my HT. I am very pleased with the outcome so far.

        Ray O. | 45 y.o.

      • One month in and I love this product. Let’s talk about #femalepatternalopecia ladies. No shame.

        Addie A. | 71 y.o.

      • Beginning my journey... — feeling excited!

        Braden J. | 39 y.o.

      • This is my 6 month result. I’m very happy with my iRESTORE. My hair stop falling down and growing. All the spots are covered.

        Aralis W. | 32 y.o.

      • Full Length. Just remarkable new hair growth.

        Gerard Z. | 63 y.o.

      • Still a work in progress but I am loving the results. I use the basic helmet along with the shampoo and conditioner and twice a day head massages. Looking forward to seeing what a few more months will do.

        Debbie R. | 40 y.o.

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