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About Us

 Freedom Laser Therapy was founded in 2003 with a clear mission in mind:

To provide safe and effective solutions for improving health and beauty.

When it comes to health and beauty, we recognized that there are many so-called solutions which only ended up creating more problems for our health with long-term use.

That’s not the way it should be.

This inspired us to create solutions that help people improve health and beauty without compromising their health. We started out as a laser therapy clinic that used state of the art low-level laser technology to help smokers overcome their addiction in a nicotine-free and pain-free way, without the unnecessary and agonizing experience of negative side effects.

With the launch of the iRestore Hair Growth System, we have taken the same approach to help people like you overcome hair loss in a drug-free and non-invasive way.

We understand how discouraging and frustrating it may feel to lose your hair. It just doesn’t make sense to compound your frustration with hair loss products that exacerbate the problem with long-term side effects and health complications.

We hope to inspire people to care for their appearance and well-being in a reliable, health-conscious way. Everyone deserves to look their best, feel confident, and achieve optimal health—life’s too short to have it any other way.


Craig Nabat

The best solutions are often times conceived out of an entrepreneur’s own desire to solve the problems he or she faced. That’s exactly the case for our founder, Craig Nabat. Craig was a smoker himself and—like many others—had repeatedly failed to quit smoking. When he discovered laser therapy and finally kicked the habit for good, he was overwhelmed with joy and excitement. He knew he had to share it with the world and help others who faced the same challenges. As such, Freedom Laser Therapy was born.

With the invention of iRestore Hair Growth System, Craig sought a solution to overcome his own hair loss. Already familiar with science and merits of LLLT (low-level laser therapy) in the clinical setting, he had the roadmap to making clinical technology more affordable and accessible for home use.