We Reviewed 3 Popular Laser Devices for Thicker & Fuller Hair – Here’s What We Found…

Examining 3 popular laser device options on the market, and comparing them based on effectiveness, results, comfort, price, looks, and durability

*In an independent study over 6 weeks of daily use.

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LOS ANGELES, CA – New breakthroughs in laser technology are already helping thousands of people achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair faster than they ever thought possible.

The right laser devices can offer an effective solution for achieving thicker and fuller-looking hair due to their ability to stimulate hair follicles and promote hair growth. By emitting low-level light therapy (LLLT), these devices penetrate the scalp, increasing blood flow to the follicles and enhancing cellular activity.

This stimulation encourages the follicles to produce thicker, healthier strands of hair while also prolonging the growth phase of the hair cycle. Unlike invasive procedures or harsh chemicals, high quality laser devices are non-invasive and safe, making them an attractive option for those seeking natural and long-term solutions to hair thinning or loss. Overall, laser devices represent a scientifically backed and clinically proven method for achieving visibly thicker and fuller-looking hair.

But with so many laser devices out there, which ones work the best? We compared 3 popular options and ranked them according to effectiveness, results, durability, comfort, looks, and price.

If you’re looking for a laser device to help achieve thicker, fuller-looking hair without harsh prescriptions or painful, invasive procedures… This list should serve as a go-to guide to the best laser devices out there for sustained hair health.

#1 – iRESTORE Elite Device: Our highest rated laser device in terms of effectiveness and results, the iRESTORE Elite boasts the most advanced laser hair regrowth technology. Compared to the other devices we tested, the results are noticeably faster and more dramatic. There’s a reason why iRESTORE offers a 12-month guarantee – they know these devices work better than the rest, and they want folks to see the benefits for themselves. iRESTORE offers some of the only FDA-Cleared laser devices on the market, and their Elite Device is an all time best-seller. (In fact it has sold out multiple times, which is why we’re excited to see it back in stock for a limited time.) That said, the iRESTORE Professional and Essential Devices certainly proved to be effective as well. But as for the most powerful laser device out there, it’s hands down the iRESTORE Elite Device.

In fact, when comparing these breakthrough laser devices to other devices, it was shown to provide:

  • The best scalp coverage of any device on the market

  • The most powerful device for home use

  • Special VCSEL lasers not offered by competitors

  • And deeper follicle stimulation using Lumitech technology, which combines lasers and LEDS to create the most stimulation (leading to better results)

No other product on the market has 3 different wavelengths to stimulate follicles on all the different levels. This creates a holistic, comprehensive approach to hair growth and maximizes the effectiveness of the treatment by penetrating at various depths.

You see, there are 3 crucial wavelengths for restoring hair follicles and moving them into the “growth phase” rather than the resting or dormant phase…

  • 680 nanometer – penetrates deeper into the scalp, enhances blood circulation.

  • 655 nanometer – boosts cell activity and metabolism within the follicles, helps them transition into the growth phase.

  • 625 nanometer – the shallowest wavelength, instrumental for scalp health, creates a conducive environment for hair growth.

These wavelengths together help reduce inflammation that strangles hair follicles. This helps stimulate dormant follicles deeper with more accuracy.

Ad for hair growth showing two models wearing red headgear and comparative hair growth percentages.

#2 – Capillus: Like many other laser devices out there, the Capillus has fewer laser diodes than the iRESTORE Elite Device. And considering the high price, there’s really nothing that sets Capillus apart from any other laser devices. Considering the faster and more noticeable results that people have reported when using iRESTORE devices, we can’t in good conscience recommend Capillus over them. The bottom line is, the results from iRESTORE were better across the board, so you’re better off investing your money in a device that will get you premium results you can actually see.

#3 – Hairmax: The truth is that laser tech has advanced quite a bit since Hairmax first entered the scene. Because of this, they rated lower for effectiveness. And with a price point still near the top of the market, there is better value to be had with other models like iRESTORE that offer far superior results.

Honorable Mention – iRESTORE Professional Device: Another top laser device we just had to include on our list was the iRESTORE Professional Device, and it’s easy to see why. To start, it has more lasers and LEDs than most other options, with 282 lasers and LEDs. Like the other iRESTORE devices, it’s backed by a 12-month guarantee and is FDA-Cleared. So you can trust you’re getting a high-quality device that actually delivers real, noticeable results when it comes to thicker and fuller-looking hair.

The bottom line: iRESTORE works significantly better than other laser devices out there.


More Noticeable Results

Visibly Thicker Hair

Easy to Use

Long Lasting Results

Most Comfortable

Newer Laser Technology

Hair that Looks & Feels Natural

Best Scalp Coverage

Deeper Scalp Penetration

Most Powerful Device for Home Use

VCSEL Lasers at 3 different Wavelengths



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