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5 Reasons Why Doctors Endorse This Revolutionary Hair Growth Solution

Millions of Americans with thinning hair are eagerly – some might even say desperately – looking for an easy and affordable way that works to reverse their hair loss.

Today, doctors nationwide are giving a thumbs-up to the iRESTORE system for growing new hair – painlessly, simply, and safely – at home. And here’s why.


“Total Scalp” Hair Restoration

The iRESTORE Professional is a lightweight helmet-shaped device with 282 built-in red lasers and LEDs.

The lasers and LEDs provide an optimum distribution of gentle healing red light to stimulate hair growth over your entire scalp—including back, sides, and temples.

NASA experiments have proven that light in the red frequencies of the spectrum stimulate cellular growth – not only in plants but also in human tissue.

That includes the skin and hair, both of which are made from the same type of protein—called keratin.

Today the National Institute of Health (NIH) officially confirms that low- level laser light therapy is safe and effective at growing new hair.


“Lights up” your hair roots

The iRESTORE Professional is a lightweight device with 282 built-in red lasers and LEDs.
Why red? Because red light penetrates deeper into the body than any other wavelength. This becomes evident when you close your eyes and look up at the sun: You see red, because only the red wavelengths penetrate your eyelids.)

As a result, iRESTORE Professional’s red lights and LEDs reach deep into hair follicles, where the photons stimulate the production of ATP—adenosine triphosphate.

ATP is a “nucleotide” and the only naturally occurring molecule in the human body that can directly provide energy to your cells - including hair.


iRESTORE: it simply works

When asked why he recommends iRESTORE Professional to his patients, one prominent doctor said – “because it works!

In an important clinical study, iRESTORE's device increased hair count thickness by 43.2% in just 3 months--compared with only 5.7% for a placebo. And after 4 months, 100% of participants saw hair growth.

Cleared by the FDA, iRESTORE Professional typically produces visible results in 3 to 6 months—on virtually everyone who uses it.



Safe, non-invasive, and pain-free

By using low-level laser therapy, as recommended by National Institute of Health, the iRESTORE Professional System gives you optimal hair growth without pain, burning, or any discomfort whatsoever.
Unlike hair transplant, which is a surgical procedure, the iRESTORE device is completely non-invasive. No cutting, poking, or anesthetics. And no scalpels or needles.

What’s more, the iRESTORE Hair Growth System does not have the harmful side effects that some products do. And you won’t be exposed to any harmful toxins or chemicals.


Quick and easy

Salon treatments, hair transplant surgery, “trichology” scalp massages, and endless applications of powders and creams all take time, effort, and attention.

But iRESTORE Hair Growth System saves you precious time. You use it only 3 times a week for just 25 minutes per session. With no prep work. Just put on the iRESTORE System. Press the button. And the device takes care of the rest!

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Restore your hair to its former glory with the Professional system, equipped with 282 lasers and LEDs for visible results in just 3 to 6 months.

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