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Blog / iRESTORE: Clinically Proven To Grow Hair
iRESTORE: Clinically Proven To Grow Hair
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Oct 10, 2017
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iRESTORE: Clinically Proven To Grow Hair

Dr. Adam Bodian, a member of American Academy of Dermatology, conducted the clinical study for the iRESTORE Laser Hair Growth System.

One of the most common questions we get from our customers is...

“Will the iRESTORE really work for me?”

While we can’t know with certainty because hair loss is different for each person, our answer to that question has always been a firm YES – most likely it’ll work for you based on our reports and customer testimonials (but individual results may vary).

Today we have taken things one (big) step further to demonstrate and prove to you that our medical device is one that should, without a doubt, be included as a part of your anti-hair loss arsenal.

For those of you who don’t know, the iRESTORE is our FDA cleared and top-rated laser hair restoration system intended to treat androgenic alopecia (a fancy word for “hereditary hair loss”).


This past spring, 40 men and women who suffered from genetic hair loss and thinning hair were selected to be a part of the 16-week study for the iRESTORE conducted by Dr. Adam Bodian, a board-certified dermatologist based in New York. The goal of the third-party-conducted study was to research the effectiveness of our hair growth device in a clinical setting.

In this double-blind experiment, 20 people were randomly selected to be given a real iRESTORE System while the other 20 were given a placebo system. The placebo systems were specially made for the study. They looked identical to the real iRESTORE on the outside but were built with normal incandescent lights instead of the clinical-strength lasers and LEDs (at the wavelength of 650 nm) in the real devices.

At the end of the 16-week study where each subject used the device every other day for 25-minute treatments, these were the results that Dr. Bodian presented to us... *Drumroll please*


That’s right. We’ll repeat it again:

100% of the tested iRESTORE users grew hair in the 4-month clinical study.

Quite frankly, we were pleasantly surprised, too. We already knew our system worked well, but we are thrilled that we now have numbers and proof that it works THIS well.

Those who used the real iRESTORE System experienced an impressive increase of over 43% in hair growth on average (calculated by terminal hair count) compared to over 5% increase for those who used the fake system in the placebo group.

What’s more intriguing is that the person who saw the best results experienced an increase of 114.67% in hair growth!

Imagine having a 43% increase in hair growth in 4 months. Keep in mind that people generally experience better results with laser therapy after the 4-month mark with continued usage.

If you are wondering just how exactly shining lights on your head help you grow hair – you’re not alone. Let us explain.


When it comes to hair growth, the first thing you should know is that ALL of the hairs on you are in one of these three phases of the hair growth cycle: anagen, catagen, and telogen. Anagen is the growth phase, catagen is the transitional phase, and telogen is the resting phase.

When your hair is in the catagen or telogen phase (transitional or resting phase), it is not growing. When it’s in the anagen phase (or growth phase), it is actively growing.

When hair loss occurs, some of your hair follicles can become dormant and are unable to produce hair in the growth phase. This results in areas of your head appearing visibly thinner over time until the follicles eventually die.

What low-level laser therapy (LLLT) does is that it reverses this process of hair thinning by feeding light energy to your hair follicles. Think of light energy like food and nutrients for your hair. It stimulates cell metabolism rate and increases energy production (in the form adenosine triphosphate, or ATP).

This biochemical process counteracts hair loss to extend the growth phase of the hair growth cycle, which reactivates dormant follicles and promotes hair growth.

Below is an animation that demonstrates the principles behind LLLT.

The best part about all of this is that laser therapy is completely safe and non-invasive, and the process happens without you feeling a thing! No drugs, no surgeries, and no harm to your health! You simply put it on and go about your day. It’s that easy.

Okay, so you might be wondering – what happened to the people in the study who received the fake devices?

Don’t worry. We have them covered.

After the study, every single participant got to go home with a real iRESTORE Laser Hair Growth System, so they could be on their way to growing back thicker and fuller hair.

If you are ready to take the plunge and join them, there’s no better time to start treating your thinning hair than now. Hair loss is progressive and it’s likely to worsen with age. The sooner you start the better the results.

Start experiencing the power of laser hair regrowth for yourself and end your frustration over hair loss today. After all, what do you have to lose except more hair with our 12-month money-back guarantee on the iRESTORE?

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