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Blog / Q&A With Filmmaker Mark Obradovich
Q&A With Filmmaker Mark Obradovich
10 Min to Read
Jun 24, 2021
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Q&A With Filmmaker Mark Obradovich

Mark is a husband, father, and filmmaker. Mark joined our iRESTORE family back in 2019. He began experiencing hair loss in his early-to-mid 30’s and he’s been thriving ever since! We are excited to share with you a special Q&A where he drops a few gems that you can pick up for your hair journey.

Let’s get started

Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A:  My name is Mark Obradovich. My hobbies consist of many activities. I live a VERY busy life. As I essentially have THREE jobs in addition to being a married father of two children, and Board President of my community association. I’m also a Lieutenant Commander in the Navy Reserves and a filmmaker/video editor of my own videography company. Capturing the beauty of life and telling stories through video is definitely a hobby of mine and is what inspired me to start my own videography company in 2018. Outside of filmmaking, I love traveling with my wife and family taking them on exciting new adventures. A fun fact about myself I came in 1stPlace in a Draft Kings $3 Million Super Bowl contest.

Q. What’s one of your favorite thing about iRESTORE, and when did you begin losing your hair?

A:  My favorite thing about iRESTORE is that it’s non-invasive and easy to make part of a regular routine. I’m 38 and still have A LOT of hair. I started to notice some hair recession around my early-mid 30s when I would be driving and catch myself often staring at my hairline through the rear-view mirror noticing recession along the peaks/sides. For most of my life, my hairstyle has been pretty consistent: very short on the sides, and something to play with on top where I’d style my hair forward and then up in the front. However, during this time of noticing my receding hairline in the rearview mirror, I also noticed my hair wasn’t falling into place as it used to when I try to style it. This was happening because there was less hair on the sides so when I style the front of my hair up, it wouldn’t fall as it did in my earlier years. CRISIS! I spent hours, if not days, researching online for possible solutions. I didn’t want to use a gimmick, but I also didn’t want to risk going through surgery where results are not guaranteed let alone VERY EXPENSIVE! After thorough research, I determined that iRESTORE was the best option for me.

Q.Where do you live, and does it affect your hair?

A: I live in Arlington, Virginia where we get the normal four seasons in a given year. This hasn’t affected my hair, although I tend to wear beanies often during the winter. Not sure if that myth about wearing hats will result in hair loss is true or not!?

Q. When did you start noticing your hair growth?

A:  I first started using iRESTORE in 2019, but I was inconsistent with it. Because of COVID where I like many others was spending a lot of time at home, I took this unfortunate global event to find ways to self-improve – physically, mentally, and spiritually. For physical, in addition to working out regularly, I decided to give iRESTORE an honest effort to include taking their supplements. I knew it would be like working out where results won’t show after a single time, or even doing it multiple times here and there, but rather being very consistent with it using it for 25 minutes every other day. It was around the 5th month when I started to notice my hair in the areas of recessions becoming a bit stronger and full. Where I used to shed like crazy, my hair appeared to be stronger where I wouldn’t see much hair fall out after drying myself after a shower.

Q. How did you feel about your hair before using iRESTORE?

A:  I’ve been very lucky to have really great hair. Even though I’m constantly seeking to improve my situation, I’m aware that my situation is far different than many others. However, even just the slight recession would result in some self-conscious issues in addition to the hazard of staring at my hairline in the rearview mirror while driving! DON’T DO THAT! As I mentioned earlier, it was a concern enough for me where I even consulted a surgeon for possible hair implants. My friends and family thought I was crazy! Nonetheless, the point is I can understand others that share similar, if not worse, experiences in not being confident with my appearance and how that can affect my daily life.

Q. How do you want to improve yourself and your hair growth in 2021? Did you have a support team while going through your hair growth journey?

A: For 2021, I want to continue to build upon the momentum that I started in 2020. Several years ago Admiral William McRaven (retired), former Navy SEAL and Commander of United States Special Operations Command gave a graduation speech at the University of Texas giving the new graduates 10 lessons he learned from basic SEAL training. The first one he made was to make your bed every day where this simple task can give someone the sense of accomplishment and momentum to accomplish more tasks highlighting that the little things in life matter. That’s how I feel about iRESTORE right now in 2021. In 2020, I was committed to regularly using iRESTORE. In a way, this was “making my bed” where I started every other morning using iRESTORE which helped reinforce my dedication to living a healthy active life committed to seeing results. Each day I sought out to feel better than I did the day before. In 2021, I want to continue this journey committed to doing things that make me look and feel better to include continued use of iRESTORE and optimistic that additional growth will continue or if nothing else – hold steady the hair that I do have!

Q. What’s your daily routine? From morning to night, can you walk us through the day?

A:  I start my day by waking up around 4:30 am after getting around 8 hours of sleep where I’m in bed no later than 9 PM. I then drink a full glass of water while taking my daily supplements which includes iRESTORE's daily supplements (I LOVE the gummies! Makes me feel like a kid where I get so excited to have it!). I make a cup of coffee and watch some news or YouTube while doing a 25-minute iRESTORE session. Once the session is up, I head to the gym for my morning workout. When I get back home I make a healthy breakfast which typically consists of overnight oats or an omelette and then take a shower where I use iRESTORE's shampoo and conditioner. My wife absolutely LOVES the smell of these products! I do too! After showering, I’ll then use a light pomade to style my hair. At night I’ll take another shower using iRESTORE's shampoo and conditioner, and after drying my hair I’ll then apply iRESTORE's Growth Avctivator Serum to the peaks along my hairline before going to bed.

Q. Can you name some activities you do while using your iRESTORE device?

A: 99% of the time I use iRESTORE as part of my early morning routine which consists of waking up around 4:30 am, drinking a glass of water and my daily vitamins (that includes the iRESTORE daily supplements) while having my Nespresso watching the news or catching up on late-night show highlights on YouTube. What’s great is the 25-minute timer is a good reminder to stop watching TV where I then go to the gym for my morning workout. Other activities include playing video games

Q. Do you think the condition of your hair has changed since you started using iRESTORE?

A: Although I don’t think I noticed new hair in areas that had completely receded, I did notice increase density along my peaks that were steadily thinning. The hair where density increased appears to be stronger and I have noticed significantly less hair falling out from regular activities such as wearing a hat and taking a shower.

Q. A lot of people think that hair growth should happen quickly. Do you have some tips for those people who are considering beginning their hair growth journey?

 A: Think of a hair growth journey like working out or checking your 401k. If you’re looking to see results between days, you’re going to become disappointed and that will affect your motivation to stick with it. However, if you can adjust your mindset to long-term growth and almost picture the amount of pride you will have after being committed for 6-12 months, that should help! The greatest and most fulfilling moments of accomplishments are those that you were committed as half the reward is the pride one feels knowing what it took to reach your goal. Another tip is to document the journey and have fun with it! Take photos and videos so that you can put together a fun video journey at the end. and Have fun making fun of yourself using it in front of your friends and your spouse! The more you can keep your spirits up, the more you will stay committed! 

Mark’s tips

  • Think long-term. Thinking day-to-day will affect your daily motivation which is critical to staying committed where it’s very easy to make excuses and  “miss” a day. Missing one day leads to easily missing more. Be diligent and take pride in the process.
  • Document the journey! Take photos and videos where you get excited about one day putting together a journey film that shows the progress. As a filmmaker, I promise you this will be even more satisfying and you’ll want to improve and document other aspects of your life and/or others!
  • Have fun! Make nerdy jokes when you wear it when your friends or family are around. Keep it light and it’s easy to make it a regular part of your routine regardless of who is around!

To keep up with Mark you can follow him on social

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