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Sep 24, 2021
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 Deepa joined our iRESTORE family in 2018. Five years ago, Deepa lost 70% of her hair due to Alopecia. With lots of research and natural methods, Deepa was able to regrow her hair!  We are excited to share a special Q&A where she drops hair tips to help you on your hair growth journey. 

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Q. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

A:  My name is Deepa Berar. My hobbies consist of watching movies, listening to music, and spending time with my husband, friends & family. I also love to travel, which we haven’t been able to do much of lately, but hopefully soon! One fun fact about myself I used to be an on-air beauty expert at a TV station back home, and I even co-hosted a TV show on all things  Bollywood (India’s version of Hollywood).

Q. When did you start losing your hair, and how was your experience when were you first diagnosed with Alopecia?

A: I first started losing my hair five years ago. I lost 70% of my hair within five months. I didn’t know much about Alopecia back then, and there wasn’t much information on the internet other than doctors saying there’s no cure and you have to get steroid shots. The thing about me is that I don’t usually accept no for an answer. So I searched for any hope that I could regrow my hair and eventually stumbled upon the autoimmune paleo diet and other natural methods for regrowth.

Q.Where do you live, and does it affect your hair?

A: I grew up just outside of Toronto, Canada, but three years ago, I  moved to sunny San Diego, California! Growing up in Canada, the winters would make my hair super dry and full of static.  Moving to a warmer climate and being so close to the ocean has calmed my hair down. Southern California doesn’t have a ton of humidity, so it doesn’t get frizzy either. 

Q. When did you start noticing your hair growth?

A: I implemented the AIP diet, stress management, and supplemented vitamins I was deficient in, and after a few months, I  could feel tiny hairs pushing through my scalp. They weren’t visible, but I knew they were there. Over the next few months, I  started to see the regrowth! At the one-year mark, the new growth got to a few inches in length. I had almost all of my hair back except for one bald patch at my temple. 

Q. How did you feel about your hair before using iRESTORE?

A: Before using the iRESTORE, I became a little concerned about the bald patch that hadn’t filled back in. I was worried that the follicles were dormant and that the hair wouldn’t come back. I  decided to give the iRESTORE a chance because I read about the many benefits of using red light therapy, not just for your hair but for your skin and overall wellness. I’m a big fan of natural methods, so the iRESTORE resonated with me. 

Q. What psychological consequences did Alopecia have on you or if any at all?

A: Alopecia or hair loss, in general, has a significant impact on your self-esteem! I don’t think anyone can understand exactly how much it can affect your self-confidence unless you’ve experienced it firsthand. That’s why I shared my story so publicly on my YouTube channel. I just wanted to help as many people as possible with their hair loss. Being a woman, especially from a  culture known for long, thick, beautiful hair, losing your hair can affect how you see yourself. Add to that the guilt over feeling so devastated by something linked to vanity, and it’s a unique thing to go through. Creating this community where we can turn to each other for support has been incredibly helpful in dealing with those different emotions. 

Q. What’s your daily routine? From morning to night, can you walk us through the day?

A: A typical washing day is like this: I am currently testing onion juice for gray hair to apply onion juice all over my scalp for 15 mins. I’ll then use shampoo and conditioner. Right now, I am using the iRESTORE shampoo & conditioner. After I towel dry, I’ll apply hair oil to the bottom half of my hair. I switch between Olaplex No  7 and Moroccan oil. Olaplex is great for damaged/split ends; Moroccan oil makes your hair feel so soft. If I’m staying home, I’ll let it air dry, if I’m going out, I’ll apply the Briogeo heat protectant cream, and once it’s about 50-60% dry, I’ll finish it with a blow dryer, and my fingers. If it’s a filming day, I’ll use a curling iron on the ends. At night I brush it with my Mason Pearson brush which is super gentle on your hair. I’ll use the iRESTORE for 25 minutes and then put my hair into a braid before going to bed. I use a silk pillowcase which causes less friction than cotton and is very gentle on your hair.

Q. How do you want to improve yourself and your hair growth in 2021? Did you have a support team while going through your hair growth journey?

A: When I first lost my hair, my husband was the only person I shared this with, and he was indeed my rock through everything. He’s a chef, so he helped me with the AIP  diet and did a fantastic job keeping me positive when I had my sad moments. After that, I told my best friend, who was so incredibly supportive. I was away from my entire family while my hair loss occurred, so having them in my corner helped. I  realized that I wanted to be there for other people going through hair loss in the same way they were there for me, so I started doing a ton of research on hair loss and shared what I could find on my  YouTube channel. A few months ago, I decided to help even further with a 1-on-1 online coaching program for hair loss. In addition to that, I recently increased the frequency of my YouTube videos on hair growth to twice a week! I want to help as many people as  I can. 

Q. Do you think the condition of your hair has changed since you started using iRESTORE?

A: The bald spot along my temple regrew after using the iRESTORE for  5-6 months regularly, which was very exciting! I don’t think the texture of my hair changed, but it became denser overall from using the iRESTORE. There’s no doubt in my mind that the iRESTORE can grow your hair back because it worked for me.

Q. A lot of people think that hair growth should happen quickly. Do you have some tips for those people who are considering beginning their hair growth journey?

 A: The thing about hair growth is that there’s no way to see results from something you use a couple of times a week. The hair growth cycle takes anywhere from 3-6 months and sometimes even longer. There is no way to rush this, so it requires patience and a solid commitment to the treatment you are trying.  Patience and consistency is the key to hair growth.

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