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Blog / Travel Edition: How To Maintain Healthy Hair During The Holiday
Travel Edition: How To Maintain Healthy Hair During The Holiday
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Dec 22, 2021
Hair Care Tips

Travel Edition: How To Maintain Healthy Hair During The Holiday

Whether you have long or short hair, maintaining your hair’s health is important to you, right? With the holidays coming up, you may be traveling more than normal, and you may be traveling to a place that isn’t your typical climate. For example, you may be spending a week in a different state, or maybe you’re going skiing for a week.

These kinds of changes can cause a major impact on your hair health, but we are here to help you keep those luscious locks gorgeous even while you travel! Traveling has a bigger impact on your hair health than you might think. But with these top tips for maintaining hair health while you’re traveling this holiday season, your hair won’t skip a beat! Let’s get right into the tips!

4 Tips To Help You Maintain Healthy Hair While Traveling This Holiday Season:

1. Keep your hair hydrated

One of the most important things you need to do during a trip is to keep your hair hydrated. If you’re used to cold weather and you’re going somewhere sunny and warm, your hair is going to start to feel like straw. If you’re used to warm, sunny weather and you’re going somewhere cold and snowy, your hair will get dry and frizzy. To avoid either situation, you need to make sure your hair stays hydrated throughout your trip. This means drinking more water, and making sure to bring hydrating hair products! 

 2. Bring your normal hair products

Most people have their travel hair products that they either got as samples or maybe in value kits. But, this isn’t the best solution when it comes to maintaining healthy hair during your trip. We always recommend either getting travel sizes of the products you use every day or bringing your regular products. You know they work with your hair and you know they help keep your hair healthy, so why switch it up? You can bring additional products that will help with the climate of the place you are traveling to, but for the most part, you’ll want to bring your regular products. 

3. Don’t forget to brush

Whether you’re heading to the beach or the ski slopes, brushing your hair is a must. Saltwater and breezy days call for tangled hair, and we all know what happens to our hair when wearing a hat or a helmet and skiing down a hill – it’s not good. Make sure you brush your hair out more than you normally would. Knots are the enemy of healthy hair!

 4. Protect your hair

No matter if you’re going to be somewhere warm or cold, the sun can cause damage to your hair just like it can to your skin. When traveling, you need to protect your hair just like you would your skin. Whether this is using color-friendly products or wearing a hat, make sure to protect your hair from the environment! 

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