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Blog / 5 Ways To Style Thinning Hair For Men And Women
5 Ways To Style Thinning Hair For Men And Women
6 Min to Read
Jun 10, 2021
Hair Care Tips

5 Ways To Style Thinning Hair For Men And Women

Ugh! The dreaded hair thinning process. Some of us are already experiencing it, while the rest of us are bound to experience it at some point in our lives. 

So, what do you do when your hair starts to thin? You might go shopping for reliable products like our Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner and Yummy Hair Gummy Vitamins.

And you could invest in clinically proven and FDA-cleared methods of low-level red light therapy to combat thinning with our iRESTORE EliteProfessional and Essential.

Ultimately, though, you’ll want to find ways in which you can hide your thinning. And what better way to do so than learning some hairstyles that will help you cover undesired spots of thinning. 

Well, look no further...we are here to assist! We are going to provide both men and women with some alternative hairstyles to help boost your confidence and conceal your thinning as you continue to find different solutions to help with your hair growth.

For the Ladies

I know many women are intimidated by the big chop, however, it is often one of the best suggestions for women with thinning hair.


Bobs are very popular for thinning hair and create a classy look. Plus, there are so many different types of bobs and styling is quite easy!

Feathered bobs work particularly well for women with fine hair and create a very bold look.

shaggy bob with somber provides a thicker look to thinning hair and looks good on almost anyone!

If you want to keep a little more length, a mid-length choppy bob with layers will create a bouncy effect. 

And the shorter your bob is, the thicker your hair will seem. If you have hair that’s thinner at the ends, shoot for a shortcut with an undercut for a fuller look.

2. Lobs

Want to keep a little more length? Try a highlighted textured lob. It is an incredibly easy, shaggy hairstyle to manage for fine hair. The amount of layers and waves contributes to a thicker look.

Oh, and we love this one...the asymmetric lob. This is created by making one side of your hair shorter than the other. And, if you’re feeling bold, add some color and waves for a big change!

And the textured beachy lob requires less work and you don’t have to worry about too much styling, which is a plus for many!

Lastly, the curly fine hair lob helps your hair appear thicker with smaller, messier curls. 

3. Pixie Cuts

Pixie cuts are not only cute and trendy, but they work wonders for fine hair.

Let’s start with the classic pixie cut, a timeless look that you can make your own. Create more volume with an undercut!

Feeling a little edgy? Then you can try the fun edgy pixie bob, accompanied by a swoopy bang and angled sides to get more bounce.

And a razored pixie cut with long bangs creates a natural, thick look. This look is accomplished by keeping the back as short as possible and having multiple layers.

Pixie cuts will have your hair looking luscious and luxurious!

For the Fellas

While men may feel there aren’t as many options for thinning hair, there is still quite a number to consider! It will require just a little research to find a look that you like along with some education on how to style it to avoid bringing attention to hair loss.

Typically speaking, a short men’s haircut is ideal to hide thinning. Here are a couple of the most popular styles.

1. Fades

When it comes to fades, there are a lot of options and fades are one of the most popular haircuts for men. Bald fades, mid fades, high bald fades, you name it!

One of the most low-maintenance and easiest cuts for thinning hair is a bald fade, even for men who aren’t thinning. Bald cut fades involve your hair being shaved very low on top, along with a skin fade on the sides and back. 

Medium bald fades typically begin an inch above the ear and are usually seen with more of a style up top.

High bald fades feature a skin-shave up to around two inches above the ears, leading to a smooth transition into the hair on top of the head.   

2. Parts/Comb overs

For a long time, parts and comb-overs have been widely used for men with thinning hair and receding hairlines. The comb-over has been reinvented and is quite versatile and contemporary. 

Short spiky hair paired with a hard part can perfectly disguise hair thinning or receding, and can be accompanied by a clean undercut.

If you still have some length to your hair, you can try a long comb over paired with an undercut for a highly desired look.  

A simple side-swept front is achieved by pulling or arranging your hair to one side for a natural look. This is done by trimming the sides and back, with the hair on top being swept to one side. The hair on top can be short, medium, or long.

Not to mention, you can pair any of these parts and combovers with the fades listed above for trendy, timeless looks.


With enough vision, the sky’s the limit for both men and women looking to achieve a more desired look with their thinning hair. So, do your research and some experimenting, and we assure you that you will find a solution you love!

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