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Blog / 5 Ways to Hide Bald Areas
5 Ways to Hide Bald Areas
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Feb 11, 2022
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5 Ways to Hide Bald Areas

Bald spots are something that is entirely out of your control. Whether balding is genetic in your family or not, you can completely stop it from happening. Some people experience balding later on in life, while others start experiencing it in their 20’s. There’s no one to say who will experience balding in their lives, but if you’re looking for ways to hide any bald areas on your head, here are our top tips.

5 Ways to Hide Bald Areas:

1. Change up your style

Try switching up your style if your bald spot shows more when you style your hair. We always recommend trying a couple of different types to see which one you like best and which hides your bald spot better. This is an easy and affordable way to conceal that bold spot!

2. Hair regrowth products

Are you determined to grow your hair back? Then iRESTORE has just the products for you! We offer hair regrowth products ranging from our iRESTORE Professional, Hair Gummy Vitamins, or our Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner! Our products are recommended by doctors everywhere and proven to reduce your bald spots. 

3. Root cover-up

Another easy way to cover up bald spots without any expensive treatments is by using root cover-up products. There are so many brands out there that offer products like this. They usually come in a spray form or powder, so you simply just put the product where you need it, and it’s like you never had a bald spot.

4. Medication

There are various medications on the market tailored to help you with hair loss. Medications like Minoxidil and Finasteride are medications used to support your hair grow back thicker and faster. Continuous use is required for this option, so if you can committee to your hair growth journey, this might be an excellent option for you.

5. Embrace it

If you’re balding, why not just embrace it? Balding is a natural part of life, and it happens to most people. If any of these options don’t seem right for you, it’s time to embrace your bald spots!

Covering bald spots can often be temporary, depending on which solution you choose. If you’re having problems with bald areas on your head and you want to take the necessary steps to stop it from getting worse, check out iRESTORE’s range of products that are here to help you!


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