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Blog / Hair Pull Test: What Is It And Why It's Important?
Hair Pull Test: What Is It And Why It's Important?
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Jul 12, 2021
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Hair Pull Test: What Is It And Why It's Important?

We know for many, going to any doctor can often be intimidating. You may think that something is wrong, but you put off getting it checked due to the fear of receiving the information you don’t want to hear.

Believe us, you’re not alone, and it is quite normal. But, your body and health come first, and nobody knows you...well, like you! So, if you feel something is a little off, get it checked out in the early stages in hopes of tackling the issue as much as possible.

This goes for your overall health, but, as you know, we are hair gurus so, the topic today is when you should undergo a hair pull test. Some of you may not be aware of what this is, so let’s start with that!

What is a Hair Pull Test?

Hair loss is normal for everyone, and, on average, people lose 50-100 hairs every day. This in itself can make it difficult to conclude whether or not you have a hair loss problem. The key to addressing the potential issue is determining the extent of hair loss that is occurring.

A hair pull test is used for monitoring hair disorders such as alopecia areata, telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium, and loose anagen syndrome. The test is conducted at four locations on the scalp, and while we recommend you to visit a doctor, it can be performed at home.

According to the Miami Hair Institute, you’ll first want to make sure that you don’t shampoo your hair for at least a day before doing the test. 

Next, and don’t be alarmed, grasp a thick amount of hair (think about 20-50 hairs) between your thumb, index, and middle fingers from the base of the hairs near the scalp.

Then, you’ll tug the hair away from the scalp. Here, think of a tug in between gentle and forceful. Let the hairs that are strongly rooted in the scalp go through your grasp, but hold on enough so that the loose hairs are pulled.

How Results Are Determine

I know what you’re thinking....what next? How do I know if I may be experiencing hair loss? Results from a hair pull test suggest that if 2-5 hairs were pulled, then that’s what is considered normal. If you experience loss of up to 3 or 4 times that amount, this is considered a positive pull test, and there’s a chance you’re suffering from hair loss or active hair shedding. 

As with anything, the hair pull test is not the end all be all, and results vary from person to person depending on the evaluation of results and how well the test was performed. If performed at home, you’ll want to visit a hair loss professional for a more accurate assessment and recommended treatment to help restore your hair.

According to Dermnet NZ, if you go to get a full exam of the hair and scalp, many factors such as the length, density, color, and texture of your hair will be evaluated to identify abnormalities.

The appearance of the scalp and if it is abnormally oily or dry may mean there’s a presence of skin disease. A complete exam may even include the inspection of the eyebrows, eyelashes, beard, and even body hair.

So, if you think you might have an issue....get it checked out to get ahead of the possible issue sooner rather than later!

How We Can Help

At iRESTORE, we want to be a part of all stages of your hair journey. That means we want to be with you during your hair regrowth journey and as you take care of your hair before seeing any loss. 

What we’re trying to say here is, to stay ahead of your hair loss. It’s going to happen to us all at some point, so why not start now? 

We offer a line of natural products that help a wide range of consumers. Daily, our customers take our delicious Hair Gummy Vitamins made with all-natural ingredients, and our DHT Blocker supplement contains ingredients to help your overall hair health, improve hair density, and combat hair loss. For washing and conditioning, our Thickening Duo is made of a restorative formula to strengthen and revive thinning hair.

But, as you may know by now, we’re most known for are our iRESTORE EliteProfessional and Essential devices, which use a combination of lasers and LEDs to aid hair regrowth and prevention.

So take your pick, or pick them long as you’re taking control of your health and your hair!

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