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Blog / iRESTORE vs Hairmax vs Capillus vs iGrow – Best Laser Hair Growth Device Review
iRESTORE vs Hairmax vs Capillus vs iGrow – Best Laser Hair Growth Device Review
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Dec 29, 2017
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iRESTORE vs Hairmax vs Capillus vs iGrow – Best Laser Hair Growth Device Review

David has suffered from hair loss for many years and has tried numerous hair loss treatments, including a variety of laser hair growth devices. Check out what he has to say about what worked best for him.

Let’s be honest. Losing hair sucks.

The emotional impact and stress that a person goes through during hair loss can be devastating.

Feeling unconfident, embarrassed, or frustrated about looking older than your age?

You’re not alone.

David DiMuzio, a successful singer and vocal coach on YouTube, has been in the same position as many other hair loss sufferers. Being only 31 and in the public eye, it was hard for David to come to grips with the condition of his hair – having experienced thinning hair and a receding hairline starting in his early 20’s.

In 2014, David decided to undergo hair transplant – a surgical procedure that moves hair from one part of your head to fill in areas affected by hair loss. (Note: Surgeries can be VERY expensive – costing around $10,000 per treatment and requiring multiple visits over a year).

After his surgery, he wanted to find a drug-free hair growth treatment that worked in conjunction with his hair transplant.

Did you know? Hair transplants do not prevent further hair loss and transplanted hairs can fall off, which is why transplant surgeons would often recommend continuing using various hair loss products post-procedure – such as laser therapy – to maximize growth and maintain results.

David spent countless hours and a lot of money searching for the best hair growth products such as minoxidil (or Rogaine), drugs like Propecia...but nothing gave him the results he was looking for.

Through his research, he stumbled upon the latest technology in hair growth solutions – low-level laser therapy (LLLT).

Imagine having 43% increase in hair growth in 4 months. Keep in mind that people generally experience better results with laser therapy after the 4-month mark with continued usage.

If you are wondering just how exactly does shining lights on your head help you grow hair – you’re not alone. Let us explain.

What Is Low-Level Laser Therapy? And why Should You Care?

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) reverses the process of hair thinning by feeding light energy to your hair follicles. Think of light energy like food and nutrients for your hair. It stimulates cell metabolism rate and increases energy production (in the form adenosine triphosphate, or ATP).

This biochemical process counteracts hair loss to extend the growth phase of the hair growth cycle, which reactivates dormant follicles and promotes hair growth.

Safe and drug-free. Those were among the main reasons why David decided LLLT was the best solution for him. Not many products on the market could boast the same benefits.

Below is a video from Dr. Adrian Larsen, an expert in laser and light therapy, that explains how LLLT works:


With numerous laser hair growth devices out there on the market, how could David decide?

Rather than making a rash decision, David decided to research and try them all! He tested out several laser hair regrowth caps and helmets such as iGrow, Hairmax, Capillus and of course... the iRESTORE (surprise!).

Through his trials, he found that iRESTORE was the most effective and convenient to use.

What David liked most about iRESTORE is that it is an at-home, hands-free laser hair growth device that is easy to use with a clear timer display, and best of all, the battery pack allowed for mobility around the house. The device also felt light and comfortable – ergonomically designed with five super soft pads to equally distribute weight.

Below is a quote straight from David:

“iRESTORE is like the Ferrari of laser helmets...” – David DiMuzio

That may be a bit of a stretch, David. We were thinking it’s more like the Mercedes Benz of laser helmets.

…but hey, the iRESTORE is the top-rated and most highly reviewed laser hair growth device on Amazon. Numerous users have reported seeing significant positive results!

To top off his decision, David read that iRESTORE had been clinically proven to treat genetic hair loss.

A 16-week study was conducted by Dr. Adam Bodian, a board-certified laser surgeon and dermatologist, where 40 men and women who suffered from hair loss were randomly selected to use the iRESTORE Hair Growth System (if you want proof that laser therapy works, we highly recommend you read about the study here).

The results were astounding! 100% of the tested iRESTORE users grew hair in the 4-month clinical study.

Those who used the actual iRESTORE System (as opposed to the placebo) experienced an impressive increase of over 43.2% in hair growth on average, measured by hair count.

Within 3 months of using the REVIVE Max Growth Kit, David started to see visible results. His hair started to feel thicker, fuller and increased in volume. He was overjoyed when he ran his fingers through his hair to find that no hairs fell out.


The biggest distinction between iRESTORE and many of the laser hair growth devices on the market is that we truly believe in and stand behind our products.

Our mission is to help you restore your health and beauty to improve your quality of life. We know that it’ll work for most but not for everyone due to the variable nature of hair loss… which is why we offer you a chance to try the iRESTORE with a 12-month 100% money back guarantee (plus FREE shipping and FREE returns). Almost no companies that sell hair loss products offer this kind of guarantee to their customers.

“If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll pay to have it sent back to us.” – iRESTORE

Look, here’s the truth.

Hair loss is progressive and will likely continue to get worse over time. No matter what solution you choose – whether it’s drugs, surgeries, or health-conscious solutions like low-level laser therapy – it’s important to take action now to stop the hair thinning before it’s too late.

If you have any questions about your hair, contact us today for a free consultation (our support team is very helpful and not pushy at all, we promise). It’s time to take control of your hair loss today and start seeing the results that you have been looking for.

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