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Blog / 25 Ways To Get Through Your 25 Minutes With iRESTORE
25 Ways To Get Through Your 25 Minutes With iRESTORE
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May 21, 2021
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25 Ways To Get Through Your 25 Minutes With iRESTORE

Time. Many of us don’t seem to have enough of it! But no matter how busy our lives get, we must make time for some self-care. We often convince ourselves that we need an extended period of time to get things done when really there are plenty of activities you can accomplish to help get your day-to-day priorities handled in a shorter period of time.

You wouldn’t be reading this if your hair wasn’t a priority to you. And using our iRESTORE Professional and Essential would, in itself, be a form of self-care. Our iRESTORE Professional requires just 25 minutes of your time every other day to see results. And, on top of wearing them, you can use that time to cross some things off your daily or weekly checklist.

Here’s a list of 25 things you can do while wearing your iRESTORE device for 25 minutes.

Let’s get started

1.  Exercise

I know what you’re thinking. Exercise with the device on? Yup! Our devices are extremely comfortable and lightweight and won’t interfere with your workout. We offer a rechargeable battery back for an easy and seamless workout, so whether you’re a part of the Peloton wave, lifting free weights, or walking on the treadmill, you can get your body moving while helping your hair grow.

2. Cook breakfast

You know what they say.... breakfast is the most important meal of your day. So while you’re cooking up a simple meal of eggs and toast or going all out with some chocolate chip pancakes, make sure to throw your Pro device on. Before you know it, you’ll be enjoying your food and your 25 minutes of iRESTORE usage will be done!

3. Check-in on the news

Whether it’s CNN, your local news, or the news app on your phone, you’ll want to stay up to date with what’s going on. But too much news personally makes me a little anxious. 25-30 minutes of news time is perfect when wearing your iRESTORE Professional device.

4. Meditate

Whether you’re just sitting with your thoughts or using an app, meditating is a perfect activity to do while using our devices. Sit back, relax, and let iRESTORE do the rest for you! You’ll feel rested, and confident knowing you’re working towards a fuller, thicker head of hair.

5. Fold laundry and put it away

Perhaps some people enjoy it, but I’m confident that the majority of us don’t particularly love this chore. needs to get done! It can often be hard to find time to fold your laundry and dedicating 25 minutes to it while wearing your iRESTORE Professional will help check this dreaded task off your to-do list.

6.  Listen to a podcast

If you haven’t gotten into listening to podcasts, I highly recommend it. There is a plethora of podcasts out there that discuss nearly any subject matter that interests you. One episode later, and your 25 minute iRESTORE session is complete!

7. Make a to-do list for the week 

The purpose behind this blog post is to accomplish tasks while wearing your iRESTORE Professional or Essential device. But, how do you know which tasks need to be done if you don’t make a list?! Take 25 minutes to jot down your weekly goals, tasks, and accomplishments. And, of course, don’t forget to add wearing your iRESTORE Professional to that list!

8. Tidy up your house?

If you do a little tidying up every day, then your living space will always feel in order. This can also make you feel like your life is a little more in order and organized. So, fold up that blanket, tuck those gaming controllers away, and dust off those shelves, all while wearing your iRESTORE Professional device.

9.  Watch an episode of your favorite show

Netflix anyone? There’s nothing better than finding a good show to binge or waiting for your favorite weekly episode to air. Next time you do, throw your iRESTORE device on and by the time those credits are rolling, your hair growth session will be complete!

10. Learn the latest hair trends

 You’ve already taken the time to invest in your hair regrowth with our devices, but there is always a new hair trend out there to check out! Whether it’s how our Thickening Duo can aid in your hair journey or our tasty Hair Gummy Vitamins made with natural ingredients, iRESTORE is your one-stop-shop for your hair needs.

11. Make a dinner dish 

Air fryer salmon for the win! I know, I am on the air fryer wave just like many nowadays and I can’t get enough of it. You can prep, cook, and eat your meal in the 25 minutes it takes to get your iRESTORE session in. So, ditch the constant eating out, and enjoy a home-cooked meal while nourishing your hair!

12. Go through emails

There are two types of people in this world: those who stay on top of their emails and those who don’t mind having hundreds to thousands of unread messages. If you’re anything like me, that little red notification on my email app bugs me. And I HAVE to stay on top of my inbox. Use your 25 minutes to stay up to date with what I’m sure is at least two email accounts...and don’t forget to check that spam!

13. Pay bills + review finances for the month 

There’s arguably nothing more important than staying on top of your finances. And between cell phones, streaming services, utilities, cable/internet, and trash.... the list of bills can literally go on for days. And, if you’re not an autopay person, it can be overwhelming. Take these 25 minutes to make sure your bills are paid and to work through your monthly financial goals.

14. Work on a word puzzle

Puzzles are another great way to stimulate your mind. And if you’re competitive at all, you won’t stop until you’ve gotten through it. So, sharpen your brain while working on your hairdo!

15.  Read a book

That book that you’ve been telling yourself you’d read can finally get cracked open. Any time spent reading adds up and anything is better than nothing. You’d be surprised how much reading you can get done in just 25 minutes and your mind will feel stimulated. So, stimulate your mind while stimulating your scalp!

16. Change the air filter in your house

How often do you honestly change your air filter? Well, you’re supposed to every 90 days and I’m sure many of us might be guilty of stretching this timeframe. And, got pets? Then you should be changing it every 60 days. So, now that you’re thinking about it, go to your closest home department store and pick some up... and grab a few more for future use while you’re at it. Fetch your latter and your Essential device and get that clean air circulating.

17. Vacuum your house

Another chore nobody is jumping up to do but needs to get done. Unless you have one of those handy Roomba machines, you have to take some time doing this the old-fashioned way. So, throw your iRESTORE Professional device on and get to pushing and pulling that vacuum across your carpet. 25 minutes will go by before you know it.

18. Meal plan for the week

Thinking of what you want to eat takes enough time, let alone actually cooking the meals. So, take some time to think about what you actually want to eat, and research some yummy recipes so that you can put a list together and head to the store.

19.  Subscribe to iRESTORE emails and check out our latest emails

Stay up to date with your favorite hair growth system and the solutions we continue to provide people to improve their health and beauty without compromising their health.

20.  Facetime a family member 

This year has shown us more than ever how important family is. And although many of us are experiencing Zoom fatigue, there’s nothing like seeing a family member’s smiling face especially if they are hundreds or thousands of miles away. So, let them see you sporting your Pro device, and enjoy some good old quality time...virtually.

21. Play your favorite card game

Solitaire, poker, rummy, Uno? Enjoy having the ongoing Uno debate of whether you can put a +2 card on top of another +2 card. Anyway, your favorite card game is another way to help the time go by during your iRESTORE session.

22. Go through iRESTORE Social Media

Check out our site for new products, updates, giveaways, success stories, and more! You’re not alone in your hair growth journey, and it’s helpful to see other people who are experiencing the same issues that you are.

23. Listen to your favorite album

Launch your Apple Music, Spotify, or Pandora and rock out during your iRESTORE session.

24. Take a nap

I mean, is there anything really more satisfying than a power nap?! While iRESTORE is hard at work, you can sit back and do absolutely nothing. Just make sure to set a timer so you know when to wake up and remove your device!

25. Read iRESTORE Blogs

Last but certainly not least, do exactly what you’re doing right now! Continue to check back on our page for insightful blog topics that will aid in your hair growth journey and provide you with information that you might not have known!

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