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Blog / 10 Mistakes That Could Be Making Your Hair Loss Worse
10 Mistakes That Could Be Making  Your Hair Loss Worse
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Oct 08, 2021
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10 Mistakes That Could Be Making Your Hair Loss Worse

It is pretty common to experience hair thinning, and most of you will see some form of hair loss throughout your life. But you might be accustomed to certain routines that are contributing to your hair loss.

Well, lucky for you, there are changes that you can make to potentially slow down or, in some cases, reverse hair loss.

 Here, we’ll discuss some common mistakes that could be speeding up your hair loss or thinning. And if you’re experiencing sudden or unwanted hair loss, try to avoid the 10 missteps below and test out some of our suggestions for healthier hair.

1. Using Too Many Products

When you begin losing your hair, your first instinct might be to do some research and buy a bunch of products that you think will help. And while this may seem logical, in reality, too many products might make the problem worse.

Many hair products are hefty and can cause your hair to feel weighed down, making it look flat. Now, this isn’t to say that some products may not work for you, but you should be very strategic in the ones you choose. Try to stay away from pastes and creams and opt for light mousses or hairspray.

2. Using Dry Shampoo/Washing Too Much

 There are many things you may be doing too much of, such as washing your hair. The excessive use of shampoos and conditioners can damage your hair by stripping it of the natural oils you produce to protect it, exposing your hair to harsh chemicals.  

To balance this out, try using a more gentle shampoo, and little by little, reduce how much you wash your hair. Your hair may take some time to adjust, but it should feel healthier long-term. Check out our blog here on hygral fatigue and how to avoid it.

 When you do wash your hair, we recommend using iRESTORE's Thickening Duo. Our shampoo and conditioner combo revitalizes hair follicles, moisturizes the scalp, and repairs damaged hair. Our duo is professionally formulated to provide nutrients into every strand and repairs dry, brittle hair.

3. Too Much Heat

You know this already...heat is bad for your hair. Now, we know how great some heated styles look, so, in moderation, do your thing! But the excessive use of any heating tool can lead to long-term damage to nearly anyone’s hair. But if you’re already experiencing hair loss, you’ll want to steer clear from heat as much as you can.

So, keep those blow-dryers, flat irons, and curling irons at a distance. If you must use a blow-dryer, try using it on a low heat setting and holding it further away from your scalp.

4. Too Much Brushing

I implemented the AIP diet, stress management, and supplemented vitamins I was deficient in, and after a few months, I  could feel tiny hairs pushing through my scalp. They weren’t visible, but I knew they were there. Over the next few months, I  started to see the regrowth! At the one-year mark, the new growth got to a few inches in length. I had almost all of my hair back except for one bald patch at my temple. 

Try to cut back on brushing as much as you can and, instead, comb through your hair lightly, minimizing any snagging or breakage. If possible, you can also use your fingers to work through your hair when styling.

5. Keeping Your Hair Too Long

We know it’s tempting. Many of you want to hold on to your long, luscious locks...and we don’t blame you one bit! But if you have long hair, this means you have more hair. And, contrary to what you may think, having more hair doesn’t overcompensate visually for thinning.

Shorter haircuts will help to hide thinning better due to the way your layers will blend. Also, having long hair maximizes the stress on individual hairs, causing them to break quicker and leading to less hair overall.

Talk about different styles with your hairdresser or barber for the best options for your hair. And take a look at our blog on a list of hairstyles for people with thinning hair.

6. Over styling

Your hair is one of the most noticed things about you, so, understandably, you want to try different styles. But it’s essential to stay away from those perms! Instead, focus on using fewer chemical styling methods.

7. Tight Ponytails

One of the most convenient and popular hairstyles is a good, old-fashioned ponytail. And as tempting as it is to put your hair in a slicked back, tight pony, it could worsen hair thinning.

When you pull your hair into a tight ponytail, it overstresses your hair, and your hair follicles will have trouble holding on to the hair. Not to mention, the elastic from your hair tie can also tear the hair from the root and make your thinning even worse.

So, if you’re experiencing thinning, we hate to say it but ditch the tight ponytail.

8. Poor Diet

Like many things in our lives, your diet plays a role in the overall health of your hair. If you’ve started to notice sudden thinning, it’s suggested to re-evaluate your diet and determine some positive changes that can happen.

Frequently, if your body lacks certain nutrients, your hair may suffer. For example, the absence of iron, Vitamins B & D, and fatty acids are common contributors to hair loss. So, try to work towards including those crucial nutrients into your diet.

For daily vitamins and nutrients, we recommend our Hair Gummy Vitamins and DHT Blocker Formula. Our gummies are made with the vitamins and fatty acids your hair needs, and our DHT Blocker formula helps improve hair density and combat hair loss.  

9. Sun Damage

Vitamin D is good for the body and soul! But when you go to get a nice tan, the one thing that you focus on is applying some sunscreen to your body. But wait, your hair is then being neglected! If you’re outside for an extended time, try wearing a hat to cover your hair or even try a leave-in conditioner that includes sunscreen.

10. Ignoring the Issue

This is maybe the biggest mistake that you could make. When it comes to hair thinning, loss, or balding, you may turn a blind eye and pretend it’s not happening. But taking no action will only make the issues worse over time.

So, PLEASE address any problems head-on because they won’t fix themselves. Coming to terms with yourself and admitting there is an issue is the first step...then, you can look at potential causes. Speak to a doctor so that you can discuss your hair loss in more depth and discuss some products that may help with your specific situation.   

In many cases, your doctor might recommend red light therapy. At iRESTORE, our Elite Professional and Essential are clinically proven, and FDA-cleared methods of low-level red light therapy are used to combat hair loss and thinning.

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